PA School Resources

For those of you wondering where to get started, these are some of the places I referred to prior to applying to PA school.


The one way they make the stressful process of applying to PA schools is little less nerve wrecking is by using CASPA! This is the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants where an applicant uploads all of their personal and academic information, along with the personal statement and almost everything else required to apply to any PA program. Having everything in one place really helped me stay organized and sane while applying to a handful of different programs.

American Academy of Physician Assistants

The AAPA's website has a wealth of information about the PA Profession. If you're considering applying to PA school, I strongly suggest you look into becoming a member of the AAPA. It's not something everyone may be able to afford, but if you can, getting their monthly journal JAAPA gives you a closer look into the PA world and gives you access to hundreds of interesting articles. If not, the AAPA website is a great resource to stay current with the PA Profession. You never know what they may ask you about the current issues during your interview!

The PA Coach

I stumbled upon this website while I was preparing for my interviews and wanted to prep with more specific questions. I figured that getting coached for PA school interviews would be a smart approach and turns out it was well worth the investment. I paid a small amount and got access to two full interviews with a critique at the end, which was super helpful! Just to clarify, I have no personal connections with this program and have not been paid to post this. This is just me sharing my personal experience.

National Physician Assistant Education

NPAE is not only a great resource for current PA-S but also for pre-PAs. They have a variety of really great blog articles by different writes that gives you a glimpse into a PA-S or PA-C's life. If you're a PA student, you can check out their PANCE prep material! 

PAs Connect

This is an online community where PAs and PA students share their stories. They have their own forum and blogs and also have a "How to Become a PA" section which is very detailed.

PA Forum

This is an informal forum where you can talk to other PA students, current PAs, and even keep up with the forums for specific programs you have applied to! This really comes in handy when we have to wait weeks or sometimes even months before hearing back from a program. Here you can share with other applicants about any correspondence you receive from the schools you've applied to and find out when the interview season starts. Staying in the loop with other applicants makes the waiting out phase a little less miserable.

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