Serving the Underserved

Monday, February 20, 2017

Today was one of my favorite days of PA school. A group of us from class (we do this on a rotating basis) got to hold a mini seminar for the members of underserved community to talk to them about anything healthcare related. My group chose to talk about the flu! We talked about what the flu was, how you can get it/ways to prevent from getting it, the importance of flu shots, and how to get treated for it. There were so many questions that everyone asked and a lot of discussions that started up to better their understanding. It was so lovely to see how much they cared about their health and how eager they were to learn and to listen to what we had to share.
We also did pre and post quizzes to make the experience a little fun and for them to see how much they had learned in the past hour. It also gave us an opportunity to educate our community the difference between a viral and bacterial illness and the proper use of antibiotics. While not everyone may have bought it, a lot of people did begin to change their mindset and even had some great follow up questions. After that, we bid them goodbye with a handout (see below) so they have the information handy for future reference!

It was also a gentle reminder for my classmates and myself that we know a lot more than we ever give ourselves credit for. The interaction with the members of our community, especially the ones that don't get the care that they need and deserve, was an enriching one. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to reach out to so many people and hopefully have a positive impact in their healthcare, even if in a such small way. It makes the hours of endless studying and sacrificing time with our loved ones all worth it.

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