Didactic Year - What's in My Bag

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hi! Today I wanted to switch it up a little and do a fun "what's in my bag" post that's still related to PA school. Since I'm a PA student, my day revolves around a lot of studying, lectures, sometimes books, and lots of snacking. I need to carry a lot around with me and this Aldo bag (similar, not the same, but currently on sale!) allows me to do just that. I've switched between a lot of bags within the last year but this hand-me-down from my sister has been the best fit for me so far.

Laptop (aka my lifeline): an absolute must. We get all of our lectures in a PowerPoint so I usually make study guides in a Word document during class. Later I share it on our class Sharepoint and print it out to highlight and underline things as I review them.

Notebook/folder: I carry my recent SGs with me to study for quizzes and exams that week in between classes or during lunch breaks. I also have any quick and short hand written notes in my notebook or folder for each class/exam.

iPad: I have been using my iPad this semester mostly for our radiology class, so I don't always have it on me at school. When I do have it, I use the PowerPoint app and use the presenter view to take notes on the slides, circle images, etc. Otherwise I use it when I'm not using my laptop or during classes like clinical procedures/physical assessment where I don't need to make study guides because it's more of a hands on lab kind of setting.

Pencil case: highlighters are essential in PA school. I've lost count of how many I've gone through in the last year. I also carry around colorful fine point pens by Sharpie and some pencils to handwrite my notes.

Personal items: chapsticks, at least one lipstick, hand sanitizer, hair ties, hand lotion, Kleenex, Altoids, and my iPhone are the things you will almost always find in any bag of mine.

Headphones: a lot of people use Beats in our class but I have used noise cancelling Bose headphones since sophomore year of college. I find them more than adequate to help me drown out people in coffees shops/library while I'm studying and listing to The Piano Guys (if you don't know who they are, be sure to check them out!).

Keys & Wallet: still in love with my Kate spade I purchased after my first semester in PA school as a present to myself.

Planner: I have been kind of not keeping up with my planner lately in an attempt to avoid facing reality and how much needs to be done in such a short time. But I do have it on me most of the time so I can keep track of what needs to be done.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! We are 3 weeks out from finishing our third semester of didactic year. After that we get 10 days off again before we start our LAST semester of didactic and then start rotations in August!!! I also found out who my little is from the incoming class this week and I am so excited! Cannot believe we are this close to the halfway point of our PA school journey :)

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