Review: Loft Pocket Blouse & More

Friday, April 8, 2016

I've been trying out a few new things lately to build my business casual wardrobe for PA school and it's been quite fun. You guys know I am in love with Loft, so I couldn't stop myself when they had an extra 50% off all sale times last week and decided to buy the blouses I had been keeping my eye on. Today, I wanted to do a clothing review to share my experience with the items I purchased. I've seen a few bloggers do these kinds of reviews and reading them has helped me decide whether I should buy something or not! I'd like to also mention that this post was not sponsored by Loft. All opinions are mine and I will not be receiving any compensation for my review. This is simply to share my new found blouses for PA School!

First up is the Diamond Shirred Henley shirt. I needed to buy a few shirts that were not just a solid color (my usual go to) and I really liked this navy shirt with a diamond shaped pattern. I have a weakness for navy colored clothing y'all. I was a little hesitant to buy it at first but I'm so glad I did! The fabric is SO soft and cozy that I didn't want to take it off once I tried it on. It was a little long for me so I'll have to wear in tucked in (eek). I really dislike tucking in my shirts or blouses because it doesn't feel feminine to me at all. But since I love this shirt so much, I'll have to make an exception ;)

Next is my favorite pocket blouse from Loft which I first saw in a review post on Franish! I fell in love with it the instant I saw and knew I had to have it. That's actually unusual for me because I'm terrible at imagining how things would look on me. Unfortunately, it currently out of stock on their website and I'm not sure if it's coming back since I bought it as a final sale item. The length of this blouse is appropriate for it to be worn untucked, but for those of you who liked to tuck in your blouses, I took a quick snap of how that would look. Also, the pattern may look like polka dots but it's actually really small flowers. I usually don't like floral prints but they're so small that I can hardly tell.

The third is the dot stripe henley blouse and it's absolutely amazing. It has a different but simple pattern that's easy on the eyes. I'm not a big fan of clothing that looks "busy". I usually gravitate towards solid colored blouses so I tried to mix it up a bit with this shirt. I really like that the buttons are hidden so you can't really see that it's a shirt (except for the collars of course). It's a bit loose but  really comfortable. I'm wearing an X-Small in all the shirts so that gives you an idea on what size to order.

I was really excited for this lace yolk top but was disappointed when I tried it on. I ordered an X-Small and it was still too much fabric for my body. The fabric just bunches up in the front as you can see and it didn't seem to fit my body type at all. So this one will definitely be going back. If I can find it in store, I'll be trying on the XXS to see if that fits me. It's still on sale and you can even take an extra 50% off. If you've been planning on getting this top, my advice would be to order a size down than what you normally wear.

Lastly, here's the knit utility tunic also from Loft. The fabric is really soft but the color is not true to what's on the website. I thought this would be something I'd be able to wear to school since it's a black top and a girl can never have too many black tops, right? But the style is more relaxed and it's more of a dull black than the dark black I was looking for. Maybe I didn't look at it as closely before purchasing it. It's comfortable enough to wear around the house and I was tempted to keep it, but I'm trying to limit my shopping to school related wardrobe only. Therefore, I will be returning this one as well.

As you can tell, I'm really making an attempt to add different styled clothing to my wardrobe. It's been fun exploring what I like and dislike and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. That doesn't mean I'll stop sending links to my best friend to ask her if a certain item is worth buying or if it'll look nice on me. But what are best friends for, right? While the last two black tops didn't work out, I already have an eye on few more that I'd like to purchase once they go on sale ;)

Loft currently has 50% off all sale items again, which is the best kind of sale. Do you guys have any favorite work wear that you bought recently or wear all the time? I'd love to hear from you in the comments section!


  1. Oh these tops are so cute!! Didn't know you were so petite!
    It's good to know what size you wore though, because it sounds like I'd need to size down, too. Honestly, most of my clothes are still from "Juniors" shops soo building a professional wardrobe is what I'll be doing starting in June.

    I tried ordering a few pieces from Kohls and even though I followed their guidelines they were all HUGE on me (and I am not petite - I've got very feminine curves and a BMI of 27). The loft and the limited are two stores I am dying to head into for my business professional attire.

    Thanks for the review/post!
    Cherish |

  2. Thank you, Cherish! Haha yes, I have a chubby face but the rest of me is pretty petite. I always had my eyes on Loft but up until now never had a reason to buy professional clothes. I wish I had my blog up and running late last year for another review because I bought some work pants from there as well (and a skirt from J.Crew Factory) and even a 00 was loose on me, which is not usual at American Eagle or H&M, where I usually buy my pants from.

    If you buy any kind of bottoms from Loft/J Crew Factory, I'd suggest going in store first to try on various styles and sizes because it most probably will be a size or two down from what you may usually wear. I have my eye on the limited as well! I have this really comfy sweater from there and I'm always on the lookout for more from their collection.

    I'm glad you found the review helpful! Building a professional wardrobe is so much fun, I'm sure you'll find great items.