PA School Orientation

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hi friends! Hope you all are doing well. We had our orientation on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. I promised in my last post that I'd give y'all an update of how everything goes and here I am. I've split it up into two parts since we had our orientation over two days.

Day 1: I got to school around 7:30 am (half an hour early thanks to no traffic) and got to mingle with some other early birds from my class. Everyone I've talked to so far from my class seem really nice and were are all so excited to finally meet each other. Once we had some light breakfast and got started, we had a welcome talk from the program admissions director and the director of our program. This day was mostly just getting more paperwork done with financial aid, getting our email address and ID cards made and getting fitted for our white coats. We got to have lunch with our upperclassmen and everyone got to meet their big. My sweet big got me a box of goodies with her favorite pens, highlighters, a bunch of colorful sticky notes (love!), and some candy. She also passed down Guyton & Hall's Medical Physiology pocketbook to me that she received from her big last year. That was such a sweet hand-me-down and I feel so privileged to have it. I look forward to keeping the tradition going and passing it down to my little next year!

After lunch, we had representatives from Littmann and Welch Allyn come speak to us and show us the medical instruments we need to get. Most of us were pretty lost on what we should get in terms of different options that were presented to us. Everything is so expensive so it's definitely gonna take some time to make a decision. Most of it really just depends on your personal preference so there's no set amount that we all will be paying. We also found out our class schedule for the rest of the semester and get this. We don't start class till 9 am!!! This may not be a big deal to some of you guys, but there's such a huge difference between starting at 8 am and 9 am. Extra hour of sleep and less rush hour traffic? Sign me up.

Day 2: Today was a much shorter day but we got a lot of information throughout the day. Meeting some of our professors and sitting in our actual classroom was the highlight of the day. We did a little fun activity with the professors to get to know them better and got our individual advisor assigned to us. Then the rest of the day was basically getting accustomed to blackboard, registering for all our online resources, and getting some details worked out.

Up until the end of orientation today, I was still not really registering the fact that I'm in PA school. The first day was so laid back (or at least I felt that way) and fun getting to know my classmates that it really didn't hit me that I was starting school. However, as soon as we logged in to blackboard and I took a look at the syllabus and saw how many exams and quizzes we had lined up, I got a nice little reality check! I finally feel that I'm really doing this and while I was overwhelmed at first, I'm thankful that I get the opportunity and the privilege to learn medicine and become a PA. The journey ahead is going to be a tough one but it's going to be worth it.

We have the rest of the week off along with memorial day so the first day of classes will be on May 31st. I'm off to enjoying my last few days of freedom with my friends and family :) Hope you all have a great long weekend!

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