Three for Tuesday (08.23.2016)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

  • Just how we use bleach to get rid of stains from our clothes, it's also the most efficient bactericidal agent in neutrophils (cells of the immune system) in our bodies.
  • Pterion is a very thin region on our skull where front, temporal, sphenoid, and parietal bones come together. The anterior division of the middle meningeal artery is in this region. So if you get a skull fracture or a traumatic blow to this area, it can cause the middle meningeal artery to rupture and can lead to an extradural hematoma.
  •  The sense of smell is the least understood sense of all five senses
PA School
  • 1 semester of PA school down, 3 more to go! 
  • We have a 10 day break before fall semester starts in full swing with 9 classes and 27 credit hours. Lord help us all! 
  • We got our short white coat with our names on it during our last week of this semester! That was definitely the silver lining of finals week for us.

Three Things I'm Grateful for
  • Coming home and sleeping in my own bed. There is nothing as comforting as waking up in your home and in your very own bed.
  • For getting these 10 days off. It's been a complete "on the go" all day, every day and this break was much needed.
  • I'm SO grateful for passing all of my finals and for getting to move on to the next semester. This semester was hard and it only gets harder from here on out. 

In the Blog World
  • How cute is Kristina's outfit? I'm getting into wedges more and more these days. Maybe I'll pick some up on my shopping spree this week ;)


  1. Thanks so much for featuring me here! <3 Definitely gonna check out Erin & Kristina's posts right now! Also congrats on passing and successfully completing semester #1. Time flew by so fast!!!

  2. Thanks, Trisha! I loved reading your post & your home is beautiful. Thought my readers would love to take a look as well!