3 Years Ago Today

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I went down memory lane today when Facebook graciously showed me a picture that I had shared three years ago. It was a picture of me holding a heart in my hand for the very first time. This is from an 8 am anatomy lab that I took during undergrad with one of my roommates, who was just as excited and eager to learn more about the human body as I was. I remember feeling so privileged to get the opportunity to physically see and touch the chambers, the valves, and the fibers of an organ that beats without resting in our chest, in order to pump blood and nourish all the other organs in our bodies. It was an extraordinary moment that left me giddy and excited for the future.

Now that the moment I've been waiting for is about to turn into reality, I cannot help but feel humbled  by the experiences I've had, the professors who continuously inspired me as a student, and my roommate and best friend who always motivates me to do more in life. I'm taking this moment to reflect on the numerous blessings I've received in the form of teachers, friends, and healthcare professionals who have played a part in shaping me into the person and student I am today and the provider I will be in the future.

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